Poni Divers aims to promote an active diving lifestyle amongst friends and family. We are dedicated to providing wonderful experiences for everyone who comes our way. We firmly believe that every customer is an individual with unique diving needs to achieve that fun and active diving lifestyle. To reflect this understanding, here at Poni Divers, we offer each customer a unique solution to the active diving lifestyle they want.  From getting certified, to buying equipment, to the fun dive trip over the weekend in Brunei or abroad, you, the customer, will notice how we put you first!


Company Profile

 Poni Divers is the local brand name for scuba diving in Brunei with its 4 locations around town;  our main operations center at Serasa beach, the booking  office  in a city center mall,  administrative office at Muara Town, and a homestay near Serasa Beach. Offering a wide range of  PADI & IANTD courses  including  scuba gear for rental and retail, nitrox, trimix, technical  diving, marine tours, watersports, team-building activities, corporate getaways, beach  parties,  and  group events, Poni Divers is a one-stop solution for any fun related to the water!

 The main operations center is also home to Poni Dive Club with over 500 local members and  often organizes dive travel to many exotic overseas  destinations. Poni Dive Club aims to develop  a strong local community of divers. Poni Divers, with the help of the club members, also runs  various youth  projects with schools to increase awareness of local marine conservation issues.

 With the rich wealth of experience of its management, Poni Divers often consult on dive supply and training on a project basis with corporate and government agencies. Poni Divers often provides information for individuals seeking careers in dive-related careers like commercial diving, public safety diving, and underwater environmental research. We also seek to establish an active local underwater photography community through various UW photography workshops, outings and seminars.

Being the largest dive center and only watersports center in Brunei, Poni Divers, has as part of its mission, an initiative to give back through educational and sponsored programs. Our focus is on increasing the awareness of the wonder and beauty of the marine ecosystems and to encourage others to protect and maintain these fragile environments. We also support local community groups by participating in various local outreach activities.


Company & Management Background

Poni Divers was founded by Wong Thye Sing, a local who grew up here in Brunei and spent much of his diving years in Canada, so that he could share his passion for the underwater world with others. Thye found his passion for his diving when he founded the University of Alberta Scuba Appreciation Club and ran it for 3 years [www.uofascuba.com] which he ran for 3 years with over 120 members annually. He was later the youngest ever nominee to be elected to the board of directors for Alberta Underwater Council, a sub-government provincial organization promoting underwater activities and safety in the province. Through local funding, Thye was able to run a number of diving programs for the financially challenged and also for troubled youths in the community. Thye worked for a number of years in equity finance in Canada and China before coming back to develop Poni Divers and Poni Dive Club to help others discover the beautiful marine world in the most memorable way. He wanted to create a different kind of business with innovative ideas where customers, staff, and youths are all priority.


With the idea that any properly local dive shop promoting the local underwater treasures of Brunei should be managed by a fully local staff, Thye set off to open his first city center location in August 2010 with a mainly Bruneian team. The business moved quickly and Thye opened the main operations center at Serasa Beach by January 2011 and brought in the watersports activities by March the same year. By 2012, with increasing groups of divers coming in to Brunei, Poni launched its own homestay just 5 minutes away from Serasa Beach. Most recently in September 2014, Poni launched its new administrative office near Muara Town to house its quickly expanding administrative and marketing team. Poni Divers is a committed member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and International Association of Nitrox & Technical Divers (IANTD), and a corporate supporter of Divers Alert Network (DAN). Other affiliations include Project AWARE, Ocean Conservancy, and Reef Check. In line with its local agenda, Poni Divers works closely with Brunei Tourism, Fisheries Department, and the Youth Department to promote and protect scuba diving.



Our Facilities

Our main operations center is located at Serasa Beach, right beside the water, at the Serasa Watersports Complex, only 30 minutes from the city center and airport. This center and clubhouse has become a popular location for divers, swimmers, and other watersports enthusiasts, being right beside the beach and boat launching facilities. With beach-side facilities like changing rooms, showers, barbeques, and private access to its own jetty, our customers often stay around for just a little longer than they mean to! 

The operations center is designed to be used both as a retail area and as a comfortable venue for classes and other events such as presentations or social activities. We have the capacity to handle large groups of up to 200 pax for watersports, snorkeling groups of up to 60 pax, dive groups of up to 40 pax and for special events, up to 2,000 pax. We can also cater to small groups of technical divers with up to 100% oxygen and helium mixes.

Poni Divers owns and operates five luxury speedboats specially refitted for diving and another three speedboats for  watersports and marine tours. Our retail scuba equipment brand names range from Mares to Zeagle and Scubapro, Apesk, JJ-CCR, Dive-rite, IST,  Seapro, Gull, and Apollo. Along with our full range of Scubapro and Mares well-kept rental equipment, we are often the local go-to person for diving  needs!



Here at Poni Divers, safety is a priority in all aspects of our activities. All our boats are equipped with oxygen kits, first aid kits, and emergency boat equipment. First aid kits and safety & rescue equipment can be found all around our beachside facility. All our staff is rescue and CPR trained to handle any medical or dive emergencies. To increase support and safety for the local divers, we also run a 24-hour service hotline for advice and assistance on local diver-related medical emergencies.

With the recent addition of VHF radios to our operations center, boats, and portable underwater radios with our dive guides, we are proud to state that we comply with international safety standards and more.